Because you should be free to trade.

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Note: the desktop version of FreeMarket does not currently work due to recent changes in Nxt. Please use the web version of FreeMarket while we update the desktop app.


Trade freely, globally, and privately with NXT FreeMarket. FreeMarket uses the NXT blockchain to store all items for sale, so there is no centralized service that has your personal information, and there is no single-point of failure for the FreeMarket system.

Messages between buyer and seller are encrypted using the public-key cryptography built into NXT. No personal information is exposed in an unencrypted form.

NXT FreeMarket provides you with the features you need to buy and sell physical goods anywhere in the world. NXT has a built-in "Digital Goods Store," but it is not designed to handle physical goods, which require shipping options, special instructions, and photos.

Why is FreeMarket the right choice for private buying and selling? Check out these features and decide for yourself:


The cost to post an item in FreeMarket is just 7.77 NXT, and the only other fees are for actions that use the blockchain - 1 NXT per transaction, so an entire cycle of listing an item, being paid, and communicating with your buyer can cost under 10 NXT (approx. US$ 0.10). No percentages of your final sale price, no high fees.

The cost of using FreeMarket as a shopper is even lower. You only pay for network transactions, so a purchase can cost as little as 1 NXT in fees.

About Us

NXT FreeMarket was created by an international team of developers dedicated to preserving and expanding your right to trade peacefully without interference.

We hope that FreeMarket will help you take advantage of the opportunities afforded by a global, low-cost, censorship-resistant marketplace.

The Team


Questions about NXT FreeMarket? Comments? Feature requests? We would love to hear from you.